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Preview: Strathclyde Sirens vs Severn Stars

21st February 2019

Kiwi star Cat Tuivaiti admits she was terrified going into Monday’s game in the UK capital – but insists the win against London Pulse has Strathclyde Sirens raring to go against Severn Stars.

Strathclyde Sirens take on Stars at the Emirates Arena on Friday night looking for a first home victory of the campaign.

The Glasgow side triumphed 54-60 against the league’s newcomers earlier in the week for their second win of the season.

And goal shooter Tuivaiti revealed that the long journey to the Big Smoke had her mind working overdrive – until her and the girls stepped on court and picked up the victory.

She said: “There was a resilience and a fearlessness that I had worried we had lost over the last couple of weeks.

“So it was good to see we still had some fight in us and it’s something we needed to catapult us forward. It didn’t all go our way and it was a tight game.

“We’ve caught a seven-hour bus ride to a game before, and flew to London this week. That’s something I’m not really accustomed to.

“It was always going to be a struggle going all the way to London to play at the Copperbox. It’s a brand new team, we didn’t know a lot about them.

“It was a little terrifying! But everyone stood up and I’m really proud of the girls.”

Tuivaiti – along with Australian wing defence Gia Abernethy – has been living it up in the student halls at the University of Strathclyde during her time at Strathclyde Sirens.

She admits that the living arrangements aren’t quite what she’s used to, and that the regular partying sometimes has her wanting to ask for the stereos to be turned down.

But the City of Glasgow itself has her feeling relatively close to home.

Tuivati added: “I’m living that awesome University life! It’s a little different but the facilities are great, and the location is very central.

“A couple of times I’ve been kept up at night and I feel like that 80-year-old woman that wants to tell them to shut up and go to bed.

“But they’re just living their Uni lives so we’ll just embrace it as much as we can.

“Glasgow is beautiful, I do see some similarities between here and New Zealand. You don’t need to go far to find some greenery and feel like you are out of town.”

Article: Steven Mair @smair47

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