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Preview: Loughborough Lightning vs Strathclyde Sirens

1st February 2019

Aussie centre Gia Abernethy is adamant that last week’s tough loss will make the girls stronger for Saturday’s trip to Loughborough.

Strathclyde Sirens head south to the university town to take on Lightning after last week’s heavy loss in Manchester.

But Abernethy – who arrived for this campaign from Adelaide Thunderbirds – has seen enough to know that her team is made of sterner stuff.

She said: “There’s nothing better than going out and playing another game after a loss.

“We narrowly lost out against Bath and then we had that week off which I don’t think helped us.

“But there’s a very winnable game ahead of us and a lot of the girls are excited to get back on court.

“It’s a pretty positive atmosphere at training. Everyone’s so eager to get back out there.

“It makes it more enjoyable to be here rather than a culture where people are shying away from the challenge.”

This campaign is Abernethy’s first outside her home country and with Valentine’s Day approaching, she admits it’s tough being without her other half.

But in fellow foreign arrival Cat Tuivati, who also lives with her in accommodation provided by University of Strathclyde, it’s been a much easier adjustment.

The pair previously played briefly in Australia and are now essentially flatmates at Chancellor’s Hall.

And Abernethy said: “My partner over from Australia spent most of January over here with me.

“That was really nice to have him here, and he headed home yesterday.

“But it’s kind of ideal for that now being in-season and with the games coming every week to distract me.

“For someone who I haven’t known all that long, it feels like we’ve played for a few years together.

“She’s played away from home before and she’s done the long-distance relationships before.

“Having her here has been really special. Many people who move countries to play netball has someone like that with them.

“I’m lucky to have her here for all the stuff away from the court.

“Apart from missing home a little, which is normal, I haven’t been too bad because she’s been there to guide me along whenever I need her to.

“Hopefully I can do the same back.”

Article by Steven Mair @smair47

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