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HEIGHT: 189cm
TWITTER: @CatTuivaiti
What does being a Strathclyde Siren mean to you? Being a Siren, for me, means a brand new challenge. I’ve had the opportunity to play netball with the legends Sara Bayman, and Ellen Halpenny. And they both loved their time in Scotland. I’m excited to be a a part of a club with such a loyal following and strong team values. Netball has the ability to merge different cultures and playing styles. We will create history at the sirens. Can’t wait to be a part of it!   What inspired you to play netball? I was initially forced to play netball when I was 11 years old. (As I was taller than all the teachers haha) but I kept playing the game because I loved how it challenged me. Both physically and mentally.  How to see the game different to everyone else. To try things. I’m still inspired by my successes, and my failures.   What advice would you give to young netballers who aspire to play netball professionally?   It is okay to be different to everyone else. Sometimes being different can be THE difference.    The best thing about playing netball is…   Meeting different people along the way, and having a platform (big or small) to inspire and create change. Just for fun... If I could take three things on a desert island, they would be… Husband (I really really like him) Water (I get really really thirsty) Machete (husband is really really good at hunting and gathering, or in case husband annoys me)    If I had a superpower, it would be… Manipulate time (so I could go back in time and enjoy all of my fabulous jokes all over again!) My favourite quote is... "Doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will."   My guilty pleasure is… Inserting movie quotes into everyday conversation and then refusing to continue conversation till they work out what movie it’s from.    You would never believe if I told you I… I can write backwards