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Strathclyde Sirens kickstart their 2019 Superleague campaign with a victory against Surrey Storm at Super 10

6th January 2019

Strathclyde Sirens delight fans with first win of the 2019 season against Surrey Storm live on Sky Sports at Super 10 on Saturday 5thJanuary.


First match nerves seemed apparent in both sides in the opening minutes of Q1, with new signing Tuivaiti first to get a point on the board for Strathclyde Sirens after 2.5 minutes of match play. The Strathclyde Sirens found their rhythm, with efficient passing between Tuivaiti, McCall and Maxwell at the circle edge, and tight defending between defending duo Gibbons and Mulheron, leading the score line to a 12-6 lead to the Scottish side at Q1.


Attack became more creative in their passages of play in Q2. Between some ‘no look’ bounce passing around Storms defence to Tuivaiti’s effortless behind overhead passes, Storm struggled to cut down the New Zealanders tricks and flicks in the shooting circle. A 40% shot percentage by Storm was reflected by the awesome interceptions and pressure by Gibbons and Mulheron under the post, and Strathclyde Sirens headed to the changing rooms at half time with a 9-goal lead, 27-16.


Quarter three commenced with a point to Strathclyde Sirens following shortly after. The team continued to work their combinations nicely, utilising the space well around the mid court, and pulling more tricks to confuse Storms defence. Pocket rocket Boyle made an appearance to help continue those creative phases of play around the circle edge. The third ended with Strathclyde Sirens being in a comfortable 18-point lead, 43-25.


It was Goodwin’s time to shine at GS in the fourth quarter following an unforgettable display by Tuivaiti, and immediately made an impact with goal after goal. After some more player changes, the full bench enjoyed court time at the Arena Birmingham, and Strathclyde Sirens travelled back home to Glasgow with some big smiles on their faces after finishing the game with a 56-38 win.


Head Coach Gail Parata said: “I’m really excited to have gone out there and take the win today, it’s always great to start well and even though at times I was getting frustrated with watching how they were doing some things, I’m really delighted to get the win and get all the players out on court.


“For our next match we’ll work on keeping things simple and basic. I think they had one too many passes that we needed into our circle, little things like that that I know they can tie up. There were a few misconnections right at the start, it could have been nerves, but again we’re pleased to get the win.”


Player of the match Cat Tuivaiti said: “I was surprisingly terrified today, I’ve played a lot of netball, but I haven’t played netball for a year so it’s really good to get the first hit out to show what we’re capable of. We know that the brand we’re putting out on court is going to be a challenge, it’s risky, but we have full trust in each other and that will get us over the line.


We just want to be different than everyone else and that will hold us in good stead for the season. Everyone’s embracing it, everyone’s enjoying it, and I’m really proud.”



Starting 7: GS Tuivaiti, GA McCall, WA McCleery, C Maxwell, WD Abernethy, GD Mulheron, GK Gibbons.



Shot percentage – 86%

Intercepts – 7

Turnovers – 31

Rebounds – 2


Watch Sky Sports highlights and interviews here.


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