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Sirens v Celtic Dragons: Saturday 25th February

26th February 2017

After Sirens’ narrow defeat on Tuesday evening against Wasps at the Emirates Arena, they were on a mission to succeed at Super10 being held at Birmingham’s Genting Arena, where they were up against Celtic Dragons.
Starting 7 Sirens:               Starting 7 Celtic Dragons:

GS Borrego                              GS  Roberts

GA Halpenny                          GA  McCollin

WA Moore-McGrath              WA  Dyke

C O’Hanlon                              C  Jones

WD Brownie                           WD  Drane

GD Forbes                               GD  Rideout

GK Aiken-Pinnock                  GK  Thomas


Sirens started strong with O’Hanlon and Moore-McGrath feeding with precision into Borrego under the post for Sirens to take an early lead of 4-1 in the opening minutes. However, Celtic Dragons didn’t let them get too far ahead and pulled it back. It was a goal for goal throughout the remainder of the quarter as both teams were sussing each other out, with Sirens just edging it as the quarter one came to a conclusion.

Q1 Sirens 13 Dragons 12


In the second quarter, Sirens came out firing on all cylinders with impressive through court play and defensive pressure. They extended their lead early on after Halpenny made a great steal for Borrego to convert. Sirens seemed to find their flow by creating turnover ball, and forcing errors from their opposition, and converting most of their opportunities. At half time, Sirens had extended their lead to an impressive 17 goals.

Half time Sirens 35 Dragons 18


Celtic Dragons had a lot to do to bring it back in the second half, but they weren’t going down without a fight and came out strong in the 3rd quarter. Nevertheless, they couldn’t keep the Sirens quiet as Borrego and Halpenny were unstoppable against the Dragon’s Defence.


Borrego went off in the 3rd quarter, with Pettitt coming on for her Sirens debut, taking court as GA with Halpenny moving into GS. Within seconds Pettitt increased Sirens’ lead with some solid shooting, and as the quarter whistle sounded, Sirens had extended their lead by a further 5 goals.

Q3 Sirens 53 Dragons 31


In the final quarter the Sirens defenders were relentless on the Celtic Dragons shooters. Aiken-Pinnock and Forbes silenced the Dragons shooters and forced turnover after turnover. This pushed the Sirens to extend their lead 60-33 as they headed into the final minutes of the match.


Time was called and Halpenny, Moore-McGrath, and Aiken-Pinnock left the court and were replaced by Goodwin, McCleery and Tait respectively.


These young national athletes slotted in with ease and hit the ground running, as Sirens continued to dominate going into the final minutes of the game with both Goodwin and Pettitt looking very confident and composed in the shooting circle.


As the final whistle blew, Sirens had secured their first win in the Vitality Netball Superleague with the biggest goal difference in the competition so far.





Player of the match: Caroline O’Hanlon – well done Caroline !

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